The default Sims 2 families of Pleasantview


As anyone may have gathered, since I haven’t updated this blog since 2012, I have stopped playing Pleasantview due to many glitches (Sims disappearing, etc), so I feel it’s safer to let them be, sadly.

I am concentrating on Veronaville at the moment, so I’m still playing Sims 2 but Veronaville is currently free of any such glitches.


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One of my Sims moved into an apartment and it appeared that Jill Lothario lived next door.  First of all, she didn’t.  Secondly, there wasn’t just one Jill.

I counted 10 on that occasion.  The poor Sims next door had to put up with the constant chatter.  They wouldn’t shut up or go away.

Then they started fighting.

Not just one fight either.  In the background you can see another.

There were at least 14 of them on that occasion.  My Sim (seen above, kissing his visiting girlfriend) had to move out.  The constant noise and fighting was too much.

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The population is declining

Out of 24 (regularly played) households in Pleasantview, I’ve killed off four, and of a further 6 households in Pleasantview’s Bluewater village, I’ve killed off another two (including the Kims).

The Goth house is empty for the first time.

I locked the bathroom just before Varulf joined his mother.  I thought he may as well stay there.

They laughed at each other falling asleep standing up.

Varulf’s wife, Janette, left with one of the twins, Mahogany.  She headed to the Dongles in Bluewater village.  The Dongles were elderly spinsters who specialise in “orphans”.

Meanwhile, Blanca was being ignored.

The repo man came…

One down, three to go…

Varulf was the next to go and then his father, Lucius.

That left Blanca alone…

but not for long.

Unfortunately, while Janette was drowning in the Dongles’ pool, the Dongle sisters didn’t take good enough care of Mahogany who was taken away by the social worker anyway.  Damn.

Other households were killed by a combination of starvation, fire and drowning and a couple of death by flies.

In Bluewater village I had a girl dive in the pool (there was no ladder).  With no interference on my part, everyone else followed.

So the pool had the girl and two adults (including Janette’s father) plus two passers by, one of whom had just been given the family dog.  I’ll have to rescue her another time.

Also killed off was Dwight Pleasant and his wife (who happened to be Janette’s sister).

Although the Pleasant and Goth family homes are now empty, that’s not the end of the line.  Other Pleasant and Goth branches survive but effectively they end here.


The Goth twins were adopted by Cedar Greenwood but they drowned in the pool.  Cedar also drowned.  His widow moved out.  As well as Cynthia and Robert Kim (who died in a fire) their son and grandson, Justin and Jason, drowned in a pool.  Widow, Melisande, moved back to the Huntingdon family home.

I’ve now got the active households to a more manageable 22.

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Empty Pleasant house

For the first time ever, the original house of the Pleasant family is empty.

I killed off Mo and adopted daughter Peapod.  Blossom went back to the orphanage.

I was about to choose another family to kill off but realised that I’d forgotten who was who already.  There appear to be a lot of young couples with babies so I’ll have to play a few to work out which ones are for the chop.

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The end is nigh

I’ve been thinking about Pleasantview for a while and considering stopping this blog.  There are too many Sims and I find the vast majority of them boring.  I might possibly continue with the Broke blog but I’m thinking of starting afresh completely with a new family in a different neighbourhood.  If so, I’ll start blogging about them instead.

Feel free to leave any comments on your preferences.

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Time for intermission

There will be another lull in updating this blog (and the Brokes one).  I’m missing my Veronaville Sims so am going to head over there to play them for a while.

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Baby number five

Vanni’s wife, Dawn, has just given birth to their fifth child – a girl named Sunshine.

She is pregnant with number six (and the final one!).

Ramona is now a teenager (and able to help out with the babies).

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Goth birthdays

The twin girls, Mahogany and Blanca, were having a birthday.

Grandfather, Lucius, was there for Blanca.

Mother, Janette, went to get Mahogany.  In the meantime the grandparents ate some cake with a visitor.

“Won’t you stay for some cake? – we have more…”

Janette returned with baby.


During all this time, father, Varulf, was reading a book.

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Dwight Pleasant

Another Sim at university.  Briefly, Dwight met Janine Charvat at the hostel he was staying in and they got on well right from the beginning.

Dwight thought he was onto a good thing and proposed quite quickly.

Unfortunately for him, Janine wasn’t quite ready.

He had to woo her a bit more before trying again.  It was actually Janine who proposed to him and, of course, he accepted.

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Back to Salazar, briefly

You remember Salazar and Rosie had a son, Aron (now with brown hair).

Rosie got pregnant again and has just had another son who they named Vincent. (There are a lot of sons being born in Pleasantview at the moment.)

Perhaps I should’ve called him Vincent Van (Goth) – haha.  Too late.

Aron grew to school-age.

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